At Jc & JC HVAC Mechanical Contractors, our boiling heating services include installation, repair and maintenance of all residential or commercial boiler systems. Boilers should be inspected at least once a year for signs of leaks, impending component failures and other less noticeable issues that could suddenly leave you without a fully functioning unit. Our licensed HVAC technicians have years of experience performing boiler furnace maintenance, repair and replacement/installation. You can always depend on us for prompt service, so call today!

Boiling Heating Service

Washington DC, Howard County MD and Montgomery County MD residents know that JC & JC HVAC can keep their boilers in top working order. Having our technicians perform routine maintenance on boilers is the best way you can avoid costly, extensive repairs while helping to extend the life of your boiler.

Boiling Repair

Whether you use steam, oil, hot water, natural gas or electric boilers in a residential, manufacturing or commercial setting, you can rely on our boiler repair company for courteous, quick boiler repair. We have been proudly serving residents of Howard County MD and Montgomery County MD for over decade with the finest HVAC services available in central and southwest Maryland.

JC & JC HVAC is also one of the first companies in the area to offer environmentally friendly geothermal heating options. Call today to learn more about our geothermal heating services.

Boiling Installation in Washington, DC

The average lifespan of most boilers is no more than 15 years if it is consistently inspected and maintained. Although older boilers may be functioning just enough to meet your needs, you might want to consider replacing your old boiler with a new boiler to avoid unexpected breakdowns and, most importantly, no heat.

Boiler Services CTA

Troubleshooting Your Boiler

Is the Flame Bright Blue?

Optimally-operating boilers burn a blue flame. However, if the flame is yellow, this could indicate the unit is emitting carbon monoxide, a toxic gas you cannot see or smell. Call JC & JC HVAC immediately for repair services if the flame is yellow or another color that is not blue.

Is It Making Hissing, Clunking, Banging Noises?

Boilers should operate quietly if nothing is wrong with them. If the unit starts making loud noises, it may mean pump bearings are worn out, the burner is defective, or fans are loose and vibrating. Boilers that hiss audibly could be struggling to operate under excess sludge accumulations causing water distribution problems.

Higher-Than-Normal Energy Bills

Just like home and business owners dealing with malfunctioning gas or electric furnaces often see a rise in energy bills, the same thing can happen when you need heating repair for your boiler. Older units tend to consume more energy than necessary because of deteriorating components. State-of-the-art boilers are much more efficient when it comes to using electricity or gas to power their internal elements.

Leaking Boilers

Any amount of water puddling around the base means you need repair services ASAP. When boilers constantly lose water, it places stress on the unit to heat water according to the preset temperature. Not only can leaky boilers use twice as much energy to function, they could suddenly decide to break down altogether at any time. Prompt repair of leaks means all the difference between expensive repairs or replacement.

What’s That Smell?

Boilers leaking gas should be considered an imminently dangerous situation. If you can trace the smell of gas back to a boiler, contact JC & JC HVAC immediately for emergency repair services.

We’ve got the kind of dedicated, hard-working HVAC technicians you want when old boilers die and you need a new one without delay. Contact JC & JC HVAC Mechanical Contractors today for professional installation of all types of boilers.

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