Spring is around the corner, and it is vital to have your HVAC system in excellent condition and ready for the approaching heat of the summer months. There are several reasons why the spring makes a great time to have your cooling system inspected and maintenance performed:

Improved Efficiency

As you prepare your home for the summer, having your HVAC system thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and serviced will ensure optimal performance when you need it the most. During the hot summer months, you will rely heavily on the AC portion of your HVAC system. It is imperative to make sure all dirt is removed, lubrication is added, and worn parts are replaced so that your home is kept cool for you and your loved ones.

Reduction in Utility Costs

With improved efficiency comes reduced energy costs. By ensuring your HVAC system has undergone routine maintenance during the spring, you will also guarantee that less energy is required to run your well-performing AC unit. This will reduce overall energy costs and help the environment by minimizing your carbon footprint.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

A dirty air filter not only adversely affects the ability of your AC to cool your home effectively. It will also contribute to a decline in indoor air quality by allowing dust, mold, bacteria, and pollen to enter your ductwork. To reduce the effects of spring and summer allergies due to seasonal changes in the environment, it is critical to have your HVAC system maintained and the filters changed to protect against airborne contaminants.


An HVAC system breakdown during the extreme heat of summer months is not only frustrating, but it can also be unsafe for individuals with health concerns. By having your AC maintenance performed during the spring, you can protect against unexpected breakdowns happening when you need cooling the most.

Prepare Your Home with Springtime Maintenance

Ensure your home is ready for the warmer weather with a scheduled maintenance visit. To learn more about how JC & JC HVAC Mechanical Contractors can extend the life of your cooling system with regularly scheduled maintenance, contact us today!