blue flames of gas furnace

A furnace that turns off and on repeatedly is an all too common problem for many homeowners. A short cycling furnace can occur due to various reasons, which often results in expensive utility bills and significant repair work. Contacting an HVAC company is always a good idea to investigate the source of the problem and make any necessary furnace repairs before it gets worse over time.

Here are a few of the most common reasons for a furnace to turn off and on repeatedly.

Lack of Airflow

A furnace will shut off frequently due to a lack of airflow. Clogged air filters will cause your furnace to overheat and eventually wear out your system. Changing your air filters every 90 days is essential in avoiding this problem while also improving your house’s indoor air quality. Closed air vents can also cause overheating issues with your furnace, as it’s advisable to keep vents open throughout your home — even in unused rooms.

Flame Sensor Problems

A dirty or corroded flame sensor can also cause your furnace to turn off too often. A faulty sensor will keep shutting your system down and make it nearly impossible to keep your home warm. A furnace that continues to short-cycle will wear out prematurely, which leads to much higher costs. However, getting an HVAC technician to inspect your flame sensor is essential to ensure your system works efficiently.

Defective Thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat can also create problems with your furnace. The wiring in the thermostat may need to be replaced due to old age, or you may need to replace the batteries. A thermostat near a heat source can also cause faulty readings and make it challenging to keep your home feeling comfortable.

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