1. blue flames of gas furnace

    Why Does My Furnace Keep Turning On and Off Repeatedly?

    A furnace that turns off and on repeatedly is an all too common problem for many homeowners. A short cycling furnace can occur due to various reasons, which often results in expensive utility bills and significant repair work. Contacting an HVAC company is always a good idea to investigate the sourc…Read More

  2. When’s the Best Time of Year to Get Your Heater Serviced?

    There never really is a wrong time of year to get your heater serviced, but is there an ideal time for your heater’s yearly maintenance? As the winter months approach, your heater needs to be effective and efficient. If you can’t remember the last time an HVAC professional worked on your heater,…Read More

  3. What Benefits Do Home Air Purification Systems Offer?

    For many in Maryland, the spring and summer seasons mean that there will be increased allergies inside of their homes. While opening the doors and windows in your home are a great way to let in some fresh air, unfortunately, it will also allow pollutants to get in and affect the overall air quality …Read More

  4. When Is The Best Time For AC Installation?

    If you have ever dealt with a broken air conditioner in the prime of Summer before, you know just how hot it can get. Whether your current air conditioner unit is getting up there in age or you have paid for a few too many repairs, sometimes an air conditioner replacement makes sense, especially if …Read More

  5. What is Included in HVAC Maintenance and Why It’s Important

    It’s not technically even fall yet, but people are already excited about pumpkins, sweaters, and all things autumn. Whether you love the fall season or are mourning over the fact that there are only two weeks of summer left, everyone has a fall season check-list, from cleaning up the garden to dec…Read More

  6. JC & JC HVAC

    How To Pick an HVAC Service Company

    When it’s the middle of summer and you need help to make sure your air conditioner is up and running, who do you call? Most people who have worked with JC & JC HVAC Mechanical end up calling us back because of the good work we’ve done with them before, but what about people who are new to th…Read More

  7. hvac services Maryland

    Is July Too Late To Get AC Maintenance Done?

    Now that it’s the middle of summer — and we certainly think that July 19 qualifies as the middle of summer — your air conditioner is probably running around the clock. As we write this, the temperatures for the upcoming weekend are forecasted at peak anywhere between 97 and 99 degrees. It’s …Read More

  8. 4 Ways People Call An HVAC Company For Heating and AC Repair

    _ Whenever our phones ring — or people send us a message — there’s always the mystery regarding how the person on the other end will be feeling. Is it an urgent request that will require emergency HVAC repair? Or is it simply someone setting up their next regular furnace maintenance appointmen…Read More

  9. 6 More Myths About Air Conditioning And AC Service

    _ Since air conditioning is such an important part of American life — it certainly is here in the Silver Spring and Beltsville area — it’s pretty understandable that there would be quite a few myths and misconceptions about air conditioners and how to use them. In our most recent article, we d…Read More

  10. Debunking the Most Popular Air Conditioning Myths

    - In a previous article, we’ve explored signs that it is time for AC service in the Silver Spring and D.C. areas. Some problems, such as weird smells or strange noises, could signal that it’s time for AC repair. Other issues, like constant repairs or extreme electricity bills in the summer, sugg…Read More